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char m;      // Declare variable "m" of type char

m = 'A';     // Assign "m" the value "A"

int n = '&'; // Declare variable "n" and assign it the value "&"
Description Datatype for characters, typographic symbols such as A, d, and $. A char stores letters and symbols in the Unicode format, a coding system developed to support a variety of world languages. Each char is two bytes (16 bits) in length and is distinguished by surrounding it with single quotes. Character escapes may also stored as a char. For example, the representation for the "delete" key is '377'. The first time a variable is written, it must be declared with a statement expressing its datatype. Subsequent uses of this variable must not reference the datatype because Processing will think the variable is being declared again.
char var

char var = value
var variable name referencing the value
value any character
Usage Web & Application
Related String

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