a port of the Processing Visualization Language

. (dot)

// Declare and contruct two objects (h1, h2) from the class HLine

HLine h1 = new HLine(20, 1.0);

HLine h2 = new HLine(50, 5.0); 


void setup() { 

  size(200, 200); 



void draw() {

  if(h2.speed > 1.0) {

    h2.speed -= 0.01;






class HLine { 

  float ypos, speed; 

  HLine (float y, float s) {  

    ypos = y; 

    speed = s; 


  void update() { 

    ypos += speed; 

    if (ypos > width) { 

      ypos = 0; 


    line(0, ypos, width, ypos); 


Description Provides access to an object's methods and data. An object is an instance of a class and contains is a grouping of methods (object functions) and data (object variables and constants). The dot operator directs the program to the information encapsulated within an object.
object the object you want to access
method() method encapsulated in the object
data variable or constant encapsulated in the object
Usage Web & Application
Related Object

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